Crush your Salon competitors with this Secret Trick

To Grow your Salon and leading it in your Location is one of the most critical part. If you do the same work as others do, you’ll remain like them FOREVER.

This New Secret Trick is helping Salon all over the world to Lead their Area and maintain the top position.

1. Take your Salon Online!

According to the research, 67% Salon are still using offline strategies to bring-in new customers. What they don’t realize is, most of the customers spend their time on Internet. Whenever they want to Search for a Salon in their location, they search it on google instead of roaming here and there.

To leverage this opportunity, you must take your business online. Make enough exposure and position your Salon with some unique offers.

How to Take your Salon Online for free?(The right way!)

a) Create a Facebook Page and instagram page

Start uploading the customer’s testimonial and your Offers on your Instagram Page. Record a video of the smiles of your customer’s face. Let them share their image/video which you uploaded.

b) Join ShearCircle along with 1000’s of other Salon Owners!

ShearCircle is on a mission to take your Salon online and provide you with everything you need to position your Salon as the Best in your Location.

Click here to join ShearCircle Now!

2. Word-of-mouth

The Best and the Free advertising which will flood your Salon with new customers.

Word of mouth is by far the best marketing ever happened. If you over-deliver the results for what your customers where expecting, you’ll surely postion your Salon as the Best. The customer’s will start spreading the name of your Salon to their friends and relatives. And the most important, you don’t need to spend even a single rupee for that.


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