How to Take Safety Measures to Keep your Staffs and Customers Safe from Covid-19

Keeping yourself, your Staffs and the Customers safe during this pandemic is very crucial!

But Are you aware about how to actually take precaution to protect everyone around you?

The health and well-being of both the professional salon industry and its client is a top priority, and the best way to help ensure that is to practice great salon and personal hygiene always – not just during this public health emergency, but always. 

Here are some of the tips you need to implement right away:

  • Use Disposable Kits: Wear Disposable kits for all the Customers who comes in. In this tough time, Customer will be ready to pay some extra bucks for their safety kits. So you can charge them a little bit extra money for your kits with the Final Bill.
  • Wash your Hands: Wash your hands frequently. After every Haircut/Beauty Services, Sanitise your Hands and other Equipment.
  • Well-stocked Salon: Make sure your salon has tissue, soap, and alcohol-based hand cleansers to encourage healthful habits.
  • Social Distancing: During the cold and flu season, shaking hands to your clients and co-workers is not a good idea. Rather, tell your client that you’re practicing good hygiene and social distancing. Also, keep your hands “off” and away from your face, as that’s an easy path for transmission.

Thank you for reading. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.



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