How to Manage a Long Wait Time in your Salon

How to Manage a Long Wait Time in your Salon

 Your Customers can go mad if you keep them wait for a longer period of time. Such a situation might lead your Business to a Do-or-Die Situation.

Either you need to be hurry(spend less time) fulfilling your Current Customer’s need and Bring the waiting Customer to the Seat


 Spend More Time on your Current Customer and Keep the other person Wait for More Time. 

Both the Conditions would be the worst nightmare to your Business.

What if we say you can do BOTH at the same time – Fulfil your Current Customer’s Need as well as Manage the Angry Customer waiting at the Reception

If any one of the Customer gets mad on your Time Management, there’s a higher chance that you are going to lose that Customer FOREVER.

In the Salon Industry, Retaining an existing Customer is one of the Most Crucial Part. If your customer isn’t satisfied with your Service, There’s no way you can expect them to Come Back.

Now, what are the necessary steps you are going to take in order to retain that customer? 


Here are the Top 3 Strategies to Manage Customers Wait Time which you can Implement TODAY


Use Appointment Scheduling Software


Imagine 2 Persons in your Salon are already waiting in a queue for Their Appointment. 


And Suddenly A New High-Ticket Customer comes to your Salon and asks you How Long will it take For Their Appointment. 


You get panic and tell them to wait just 10 Minutes.


They believe you and sit in a queue waiting for their Appointment.


They wait, wait and wait but their turn isn’t showing up.


Finally, they get angry at you and decide to Leave your Salon.

In just a Matter of Hour, You might have Lost Rs. 1000-5000 Which you could have made by offering your Services.

And More importantly, you could have made them a Retaining High-Ticket Customer which could have Brought you a Lot of Money in the Long Term.

To avoid Such Situations, Salon Industry Experts Suggested Every Salon to use a Scheduling Software which will display all your Bookings whether it is today or tomorrow or a week from now. 

Customers can directly book their Appointment Date and Time online which will be displayed in your Dashboard.

If a New Customer Wants to Take your Service, They can simply Check what time you will be Busy Handling the Customers, which will help them to Book the Empty Time Slots to avoid Long Waiting Time.




Automate your Work – Send Friendly Reminders to your Customers  


Your Customer Booked an appointment at the Empty Slot. Now you are expecting them to visit your Salon on time.


You wait, wait and wait…


But They Still Don’t Show up.


The Sad Part is, Some other Person might have booked that time slot which could have Made you Money.


But Just Because they didn’t show up, You Lost a Huge Money There!


You see People are very Busy and they Forget things easily Nowadays. It’s very important to follow-up with them in order to keep them reminded about their appointment. 


To overcome this problem, ShearCircle Helps you to send automated Emails to your Booked Customers to Keep them reminded about their Appointment. 


 Communicate with your Customer


 Customers usually are very Polite and Good in Nature but Few Customers are kind of aggressive.

If you think that the Service which you are providing to your current customer might take some more time. 


But that particular time was Already booked by another customer and they show up on time.

If you keep them Wait for a Longer time, There’s a Huge Change that they will Decide to leave your Salon.

So it’s better to inform them about it.  

Politely approach them and say that it might take 20 Minutes More. Please Have a Quick Refreshments and come Back in 20 Minutes.

If you’ll be completely honest and polite to them, they’ll more likely Come Back in another 20 Minutes By seeing your Good and Humble Nature.


 Thank you For Reading!





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