ShearCircle Promote & Grow team have helped many salons to grow into more established business.

On August 11, 2016, ShearCircle recognized a problem in Salon Industry. That salon industry is highly unorganized industry. We have found out many salon owners are struggling to keep up with their expenses. On the other hand, we found almost no one that these salon owners could rely for help.


One of the biggest challenge beauty professional go through is how to grow and scale their business. After four years of extensive one-on-one consulting with various salon owners and beauty freelancers we were ready to help more struggling Beauty professionals. We now have more robust process where we can help grow start up salons into more established Salons.

 Lack of Technology and marketing resource is another big problem we find while dealing with small to medium size salons owners. We have also noticed that many freelancers did not even knew how to start their business. However, we were really impressed with their skill in their profession. Mostly since salon industry as a whole is very unorganized industry as of now. We couldn’t wait long to introduce our platform and help many salons and freelancers in need.


This program is specifically designed for start-up salons/Spa or Make Up Artist who just finished training and wants to start your own business. Before we launched this program, we have helped many salons who had skills but lack of resources. ShearCircle is very committed to offer needed resources to help grow start up salons/Spa and passionate MUAs.


Please provide your information and our Promote & Grow team will reach out to you to see if you qualify for this program. Once you qualify for our program, our team will work with you to help you grow.

Promote & Grow Form to qualify for help