Become the Leading Salon WITHOUT spending a single rupee (Secret Revealed)

Become the Leading Salon WITHOUT spending a single rupee (Secret Revealed)


According to a research, Spa and Beauty Salon Industry is Booming Day-By-Day and will be generating over $190 billion by 2024 . Being a Salon Owner, are you going to take advantage of this Amazing opportunity before the competition increases?

But the sad truth which no one tells you is, Only 2% Salons Make over Million Dollar revenue a year while some Salons strive to reach $1000 a month. Why is that? What are the secrets they are hiding?

There are tons and tons of Reason which they leverage to Become the topmost Salon in a Particular Area. Today, we will be discussing few of them…

One of the main reason is, they Position their Salon as a Brand and Create A Monopoly in the competitive Market Place which makes them different from others. Instead of dropping the prices and competing with everyone, they just offer something unique in the market place which helps them Boost their Brand Name by 10X.

How to Create a Monopoly in this competitive Salon Industry?

1) STOP providing Services at a Low Price!

You heard it Right! Customers are having money to spend, all they are looking for is the Best Beauty service by you. Pricing is Not at all an Issue.

Every Other Salon are trying to cut down their prices hoping that they could attract their ideal customers.

But what they don’t realize is, There are already dozens of Salon providing the same service with a Lesser amount. Will you still decrease your Prices with a small profit margin?

If you want to attract your dream customers, just FOCUS on one thing i.e Over-delivering the value which they weren’t expected off.

By Over-delivering the value, they will automatically start appreciating you for your skills and they will start spreading your name through word-of-mouth(The Most Powerful Advertising Ever!)

2) Make More Social Media Presence

The world is COMPLETELY changing from traditional method to Digital Method. First, they used to visit the salon directly without any prior knowledge about the Salon and their services.

But Now, Everything’s changed. Before visiting ANY Salon, Customer checks 

  • Reviews
  • Videos
  • Customer Experience

If and only if they liked that Salon, they’ll give it a try. Or else they’ll directly jump to the next Salon.

                                                     1 Jump = 1 Customer Loss

Bonus Tip: Free way to make more and more Social Presence

1. Create a Facebook and Instagram page and keep uploading your expertise, Customer’s testimonials and the Most Important – Customer’s Happy Faces.

2. Register at ShearCircle with Over 1000’s of Top Salons in India For Free

3. Create a New wordpress Website From Scratch and do the marketing (ShearCircle provides you both of them for free with many other Benefits)


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