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The ShearCircle Difference!

"ShearCircle is an online marketplace for beauty and wellness professionals that connects customers and businesses."

You may be thinking it isn't something new or extraordinary. There are many others out on the internet that offer the same kind of service, so why would a customer or professional want to register with our platform? We all know that unless we offer something different from the rest of the businesses, it can be quite difficult to establish a name in the market.

This is exactly what we are going to fill you in today with this post. Here are some good reasons as to why ShearCircle is the best choice to book appointments for all your beauty and wellness needs.

We Love Our Customers

First and foremost, we value our customers a lot, and they top our list of priorities. The reason we started this platform was to provide convenience to customers who have to go through the hassle of going online, searching for salons and spas in their area, sifting through heaps of reviews, and comparing their prices. Finally, you short listing a few to call them up and ask whether they have can give an appointment for the date and time that don't clash with your schedule.

ShearCircle cuts this entire process down into just three simple steps: Log on to our website, find the professionals in your area, and book an appointment with the one you think offers the best services. You can do all this with just a few clicks or taps. We further add value by sending confirmation emails, providing 24/7 customer service, and sending reminders so you don't miss out on your appointments.

We Grow with our Business Partners

When beauty professionals join hands with ShearCircle, they get the advantage of exhibiting their work to a community of thousands of customers. We provide businesses with training on how to use our platform and give tips on ways to attract clients.

ShearCircle is a place where everyone is a winner. We strive to cater to our customers' needs in the best way possible, and ensure they don't face any difficulty while using our search tool or booking an appointment. That's what we call the ShearCircle difference.

If you have any questions or concerns, send us an email or give us a call. We would love to hear from you.