Job Postings

Shear Circle is more than just an online platform geared towards helping clients to find salons and professionals to generate business. We are a community of thousands of people having keen interest in beautification, mind and body wellness, skin care, grooming, hairstyles and more, looking for new trends and services, and sharing useful tips and insights with everyone. In addition, our circle comprises of talented individuals having experience, certifications, and licenses in different areas of cosmetology.

Finding the Right Job

Whether you are a cosmetologist, beautician, makeup artist, therapist, hairstylist, or belong to a similar profession, we can help you get a job at a reputable beauty salon or spa. We get requests from full-service beauty parlors, spas, and wellness centers that are looking to hire talented people, and rely on Shear Circle to make recommendations. We have helped many businesses find the right individuals with a befitting skill set to work at their establishment.

When you post your CV, we look into our system and match your talent, qualifications, accreditations, and experience with the needs of our business partners. If your CV matches with the required skills and job description, we recommend you and schedule an appointment. Since we have a proven track record of frequently supplying qualified individuals to our business partners, our candidates are preferred over others.

So if you are a cosmetologist, beauty and makeup artist, therapist, or hairstylist looking for employment at beauty salons and spas with competitive pay and benefits, we can help you. Send us your CV and we will do our best to find the job of your dreams. If you have any questions or concerns, you may call us or drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.