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ShearCircle is an online scheduling platform connecting professionals with clients. At ShearCircle, we strive to make things easier for professionals and customers. We provide needed resources for professionals to utilize our platform with ease. When available we highlight new deals and services available near you. If something catches your eye, you can book your appointment instantly.

We’ll Track your Points and Rewards so you Never Miss Out!



earn points


Anytime you book and receive service from Shear Circle Platform, you are entitled to earn points.

Shear Circle pays 1 point of every $1 spend for booking an appointment with Shear Circle Professionals.

You can track your points and redeem it for gift cards through Shear Circle Platform.


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Take Your Business To New Levels With ShearCircle

Get Exposure

Expand your reach by showcasing your services to existing and potential customers. Streamline your online booking process.

Track and Manage Your Business

Manage your business with ease and get strategic insights to key areas that need improvement.

Reduce No-Shows

Retain your customers and prevent no-shows through customized cancellation policies.

ShearCircle’s user friendly interface helps me in managing my day to day business activities. Instant appointment notifications ensures that I do not miss out on my upcoming appointments and its simple and efficient calendar helps me to organize my schedule. My customers are happy scheduling appointments with me through ShearCircle.