ShearCircle Features

Online Booking

Enhance your customer’s booking experience in multiple ways. Your customers can book appointments with you through ShearCircle web app, mobile apps and booking widget on your website or Facebook page.

Your customers can view and select multiple services. and book appointments with available staff members

You can enter cancellation policies to reduce no-shows.

You can further customize your online booking settings to

  • Set the appointment time interval for 15, 30, 45 minutes etc.
  • Set the services that can be booked online
  • Enable or remove staff from online bookings
  • Set the maximum days/months in future a booking can be made
  • Set the minimum time in advance a booking can be made on a current date ie; 1, 2 hours etc


Add ShearCircle booking button to your Facebook business page and let your customers book appointments with you directly.


ShearCircle booking button can be embedded to your website so that your customers can check your availability and book appointments with you through your website.

Mobile Apps

ShearCircle mobile app can be used for both Customer and Professional logins. You don’t need to install two different applications for client and service providers. Both user functionalities are embedded into a single application.

Our mobile apps are available for Android and iOS platforms.


Simple and user friendly calendar with neat interface where you can view the appointments by time and stylist and perform many functionalities.

Manage booking status

View booking summary and perform actions such as reschedule, cancel or checkout For all changes made to the booking status, instant notifications will be sent to both client and stylist.

You can also filter appointments to view them based on booking status.

Manage multiple staffs

View booked slots of all staff members.

Filter appointments by staff and booking status.

View and manage available time slots and add walk-in appointments through calendar.

View upcoming and past bookings. Add time reservation to block your time slots from online bookings.

Customize booking slot color for individual staff members.

View booking status based on predefined color bands.


Automated notifications are sent to customers and staff members when a booking is confirmed, rescheduled or cancelled.

Notifications are sent instantly to your customers whenever you add any promotions.


Automated emails are sent to both clients and staff members whenever a booking status changes i.e; confirmed, rescheduled or cancelled

You can also set the preference whether to send email notifications to staff members or to a single or multiple email addresses.


Appointment notifications are sent to both clients and staff members through text messages You can set preference for staff notifications

Push Notifications

Clients and staff members who have installed ShearCircle mobile apps will receive instant notifications on all events related to the appointment.


Instant email notifications are sent to your clients whenever you add any promotions.

Reports and Analytics

Get real-time strategic insights to your business through our reports and analytics tool You can view the analytics by current date, past date and custom date range.

Get details of your online and walk-in appointments, how many booked and how many no-shows.

View the highest and least booked staff and revenue generated by individual staff members.You can also view the details of customers who frequently visited your salon and the revenue generated from them.

Also you can see the best and least selling products and services and make strategic decisions.

Staff Management

Manage multiple staff members at no extra cost.

You can assign user access levels to individual staff members and restrict them from accesing important data and functionalities.

Staff members can be assigned custom color for calendar bookings. This makes it easier for the salon admin to view the booked slots for individual staff members without the need to open the booking summary.

You can enable or disable a staff from receiving online bookings based on the staff availability. The staff can also add time reservations or time-offs so that no bookings can be made during the specified time interval.

Marketing Campaign

Send marketing campaigns to your existing or potential customers through ShearCircle’s marketing platform.

You can send marketing campaigns in three different ways - Text, Email or Push Notifications. The marketing campaigns are preloaded with templates that you can use for free.

You can also customize the predefined templates or add your own templates and send campaigns to targeted customers.

You can select the target audience such as frequent visitors, rarely visiting customers or customers whose birthday falls on current month.

The marketing campaigns can be scheduled for particular date and time and you can add a recurring frequency for the campaigns, such as - daily, monthly or yearly.

Customer Rewards

ShearCircle rewards your customers for every $1 they spend by booking appointments with you through our platform.

There are many ways your customers can earn reward points

  • By referring their favorite salon/stylist.
  • Writing reviews on the service and service providers.
  • Earn reward points on their birt month

ShearCircle tracks the reward points earned, redeemed and points available for redemption.To know more about our rewards program, click here

Job Portal

Do you have open positions in your salon?

Advertise open job positions in your ShearCircle profile page. No additional charges for posting jobs.

Potential job applicants can apply for the job through your profile page and you can view these details in your dashboard.

Easy Payments

Investing in additional hardware for credit card payments? With ShearCircle, you can make and receive credit card payments easily without investing in additional hardwares. All you need is your smartphone! Android and iOS users can make payments easily by scanning their card using their smartphone camera.

Hold your card in front of your camera and that's it! There's no need to manually type in the card details or any requirement for a card swiping machine. The card gets scanned and payments are processed instantly and securely.